The TDK Study Dissertation, its specifications, its particular transformation and its examination to a dissertation at Medicine, School of Szeged’s University

The TDK Study Dissertation, its specifications, its particular transformation and its examination to a dissertation at Medicine, School of Szeged’s University

I. Basic

A TDK research article can be a published document of separate function conducted during undergraduate education outside the course that is customary.see this here Its goal is self-education, the gaining of credit things or its demonstration as being a thesis, as comprehensive simply III below and in the Analysis Code of the Faculty of Evaluation Regulations of Szeged’s University and Medicine accessory to the Academic Review. It’s vital that research essays’ writers have confirmed their successful and productive participation in technological research in the TDK’s customized forum. Writers illustrate that they can precisely apply the honesty and rules of technological conversation by publishing research essays. A composition may include the own research and findings, but it can be a case report, or clinico- pathological — demographic research. Literature evaluations are not accepted as research article. Research essays should replicate impartial work, and must therefore contain effects that could not have been acquired without the additions of the writers.

II. Demands of the TDK research dissertation

1.The proper specifications of the TDK research-paper are the identical to those of a dissertation

The principle body of the essay (excluding the title page, the desk of items and the list of abbreviations) have to be between 25 and 50 websites, such as the Results and Platforms, but without the sources. Page numbering ought to be granted within the site header, centred at the very top of the sheet. The report format ought to be A/4 with 3.5 cm; prices: 1.5 line-spacing and 2.5 cm about the left side, below, above and to the side that is right. Font: Times New Roman, size 12.

2. Construction of the TDK dissertation

The title page Here a font size that was bigger than 12 may be used. In routine from the top of the page, centred: the concept of the investigation dissertation; mcdougal(s), school year, group; TDK research essay ; theme supervisor(s) brand(s), his/her place, his/her academic degree; subject of the institute where the investigation essay was published (company/clinic and investigation group); Szeged; year.

Listing of abbreviations to The page following a title-page, in order

The stand of items Following abbreviations site (optimum 1 page size)

The principle body The research article should have the typical composition of the controlled research-paper divided into separate pieces such as the numbering. 1. Conclusion (1 page for the most part; it might be the same as the subjective submitted for your TDK Meeting) 2. Introduction 3. Goal (1 page for the most part) 4. Components and techniques 5. Effects 6. Talk 7. Ideas (1 site for the most part); 8. Sources (a maximum of 50; the line spacing can be solitary; utilization of guide manager software is preferred); 9. Acknowledgements (not obligatory), signal of scholarships or assistance (not obligatory)

The final site The title of the TDK display on which the research dissertation was based (subject, speaker(s)/publisher(s), location and day of the discussion, any prize awarded).

A where the creator(s) condition(s) the inspiration of the research and provide(s) comprehensive information regarding his/her very own pursuits, record findings carried out independently and any aid received.

Title(s) of mcdougal(s) and director(s) using their signatures

Email address for correspondence

3. Additional conventional needs

Figure or Stand with numbers: figures must be placed directly under the Stats and Tables (using a smaller font size than 12 and single-line spacing).

While in the wording of the research essay, mcdougal must check with Platforms or Stats together with the suitable amounts (e.g. Figure 4, Table 3, etc.)

The references must be detailed with quantities in alphabetical order.

Within the wording, the referrals ought to be presented in brackets of 1 author: the label and year (e.g. Abbott, 2005), in the event of two experts: equally names stated by and and the year (e.g. Dore-Duffy and LaManna, 2007), in the event of more than two writers, the name of the very first creator followed by et al. and the year (e.g. Blasiole ETAL. 2007).

Illustrations in articles or book’s case: Ottersen OP, Mathiisen TM KP, Danbolt NC: The perivascular astroglial sheath supplies micro vessels to a complete covering of the mind: an electron microscopic 3D reconstruction. Glia. 2010; 58:1094-1103. Franklin KBJ The mind in stereotaxic coordinates. Academic Press California, US.

4. Posting the research dissertation

The study article composed in Hungarian should to become submitted in two bound copies towards the address:

Secretariat of the Faculty of Medicine TDK Council (found at the Institute of Medical Research) Sz??kefalvi-Nagy B??la utca 6. Szeged 6720.

The contract for distribution is 30 June. Any changes can also be located on the website and will undoubtedly be publicized by the Deans Office of the Faculty at the beginning of the academic year.

III. Evaluation of their alteration as well as TDK investigation documents to dissertation

Two separate private writers evaluate TDK study essays. The position score that is ultimate will be the points accorded by the two judges’ average. In the event of a significant difference between the scores, the dissertation will soon be considered by yet another reviewer.

No more than 5 details could be granted when the required formal demands satisfie. 5 extra points may be honored for the illustrations’ appropriateness; how the are supported by the illustrations Overall, the conventional part of the article may be scored using a maximum of 10 things. The clinical material is assessed in line with the demands of scientific newsletters. Overall, consequently, at the most 30 details may be awarded.

Documents granted at least 15 details are positioned not as unacceptable. Essays awarded 25-30 points are given 1st prize, individuals with 20-24 items 2nd prize and people with 16-19 factors prize. TDK study essays that are positioned 1st could possibly be recognized financially.

Writers are advised of the analysis outcome within 60 days after the distribution deadline.

Copies of acknowledged TDK investigation / documents that are technological are maintained while in the library of the start that is related /clinic. A pdf type of the dissertation must be sent to the secretary of the TDT, who manages the records of the TDK homepage (

Students will make a obtain a TDK study article that is accepted a 1st dissertation gets a 2nd treasure 2 points, 4 credit points as well as a 3rd treasure 1 credit level. These factors might be measured in to the educational accomplishments while in the subsequent session.

The pupil could submit a formal demand for the dissertation to be recognized being a thesis, saying that the function hasn’t gotten points in case a study dissertation has not been honored credit factors earlier. The demand should be published to the instructional office; one copy of the research dissertation have to be connected, labelled Thesis, together with the analysis of the composition (acquired in the TDT). There should be an oral protection, although a fresh published evaluation method is unnecessary.

It may be submitted in a modified type which satisfies the proper specifications of the dissertation if one writer wrote a TDK composition. the University office that was academic then organizes the further examination. The original, unmodified version can be published as a dissertation just by the first publisher, if multiple experts wrote a study documents. In this case, the agreements for this from the co authors has to be attached with the application.

In the event two writers wrote the research-paper and also the director certifies the additions of both were not differ, equally authors possess the right to submit an application into a thesis it for its conversion. In this instance, the inspector and both students’ terms must be connected and an indication has to be granted concerning how the research essay was brought for by each publisher. If there are a lot more than two creators of the research composition, such a combined application is impossible.

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